About myself:


I have danced professionally for 15 years with the Royal Ballet of Flanders. I’ve had to push my body’s limits from a very young age. In 2013, it was clear to me that ballet wasn’t forever. But what to do next? I have always been passionate about the human anatomy. And aside from working hard on my body, I wanted to be able to help other colleagues on their physical and artistic journey.


I then got certificates in both Swedish relaxation massages and sports massages. I have acquired a lot of experience by massaging athletes on a daily basis. With renowned physio therapists at my side sharing valuable tips and tricks. Since June 2019, after 6 years of juggling massaging and dancing, I have decided to say goodbye to the stage and to dive full time into my new passion.  Helping dancers, athletes, but also people from all ages with a somewhat more conventional job. 

Sébastien Tassin 

Medewerker welzijn en veiligheid
bij Opera Ballet Vlaanderen

Mobile: 0032 499 392 396